XXI: Kentsel Tarımın Bereketi

Nisan 2015

Kentsel tarımın yaratabileceği değişim potansiyelini sosyolog Ayça İnce, mimarlar Burcu Serdar Köknar ve Hasibe Akın, permakültür üzerine çalışan Deniz Üçok ve Buğday Derneği’nden Hakan Gönül ile konuştuk. Bu sohbetin yanı sıra Boğaçhan Dündaralp, Kuzguncuk Bostanı deneyimi üzerine bir yazı kaleme aldı ve tarımsal üretim ile kamusal kullanım ilişkisinin nasıl kurgulanabileceğinin araştırıldığı süreci paylaştı

Hotelier International: A garden in the sky

June 2015

Design Hotels introduces Witt Istanbul Hotel’s new Permaculture Garden, offering guests a refreshing natural retreat high above the hubbub below

Witt Istanbul

Witt Istanbul

In a chic bohemian neighbourhood on the European side of Turkey’s biggest metropolis lies Witt Istanbul Hotel, an 18-room corner property decked out with retro furnishings, monochromes and modern luxury. To add to its already unique personality, designers Aybike Zengin and Deniz Ucok – with the help of the hotel staff and a few volunteer guests – have now added a 160 sqm rooftop terrace with an eco-spin on it: a natural space for guests to relax on. The permaculture garden adds a new dimension to the meaning of “retreat”, as guests can order drinks up to the cozy sitting area while enjoying the views of Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace and Galata Tower.

The garden is built on the recognition that communities all over the world face challenges such as food security, climate change, and difficult inner-city living conditions. It is a model of community-involved, sustainable agriculture, demonstrating urban sustainability practices like vermicomposting, planting for small city spaces, and micro-green cultivation.To achieve the garden, Witt Istanbul Hotel worked with Aybike Zengin and Deniz Ucok who have backgrounds in landscape architecture and graphic design. These designers brought their knowledge gleaned from working with Geoff Lawton and Nick Huggins – two experts in the field of permaculture – to the hotel, leading the collective effort to completion in May.

Along with its ecological benefits, this also ensures that the hotel’s breakfast includes a refreshing mix of home-grown ingredients produced without artificials. Fresh strawberries for the fruit salad, raisins for the granola, lavender for the winter tea, arugula for the salads, and mustard greens for the herb omelette are just a few of the ingredients used. Wicking beds are also used for irrigation, meaning less water is consumed in the rooftop-to-plate process.

Travel for Senses: Amazing Hotels with Rooftop Views in Europe

September 2015

Just opened this summer in the neighborhood of Cihangir, the Rooftop Permaculture Garden, designed by Aybike Zengin and Deniz Ucok, caps off the timeless luxury of the18-room Witt Istanbul Hotel. A lofty place to relax, cozy sitting areas are ensconced by lush greenery and infused by the aromatics of flowers and edible herbs.

Created with the recognition that societies far-and-wide face joint challenges of food security and climate change, this garden is a sustainable agriculture model of community-involved vermicomposting and micro-green cultivation practices. Take in a moment of urban escapism along with views of Turkey’s Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, and Galata Tower. http://www.designhotels.com/witt-istanbul

Witt Istanbul
Witt Istanbul